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Sonya Iwasiuk Bio

Sonya was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but spent her childhood in small towns and farms in Northern Alberta. Over twenty years ago she moved to Vancouver, BC.

Iconic Canadian skies on endless fields pocked with deserted homesteads and clumps of woodlands developed Sonya's deep love for both nature and the abandoned.  As a child she and her dog would journey along dirt roads and train tracks and through fields and forests in search of adventure, empty farms and the small treasures she would surely find there. Armed with her faded rucksack, rope and hammer, Sonya, the explorer, would unearth jewels of old bottles, worn egg shiners, wooden handles made smooth by toil and rusted tractor parts buried like fossil bones in the dust of top soil. She discovered every abandoned farm was a place of memory, a history of forgotten lives and the stories they took with them. 

Not much has changed in over thirty years. Still an avid explorer, artist and storyteller, it is Sonya’s inspiration to give sense, scope and remembrance to the lives of these ancestors and originators of the Canadian spirit. She captures the pureness and beauty or harshness and dark realities of nature, places, people and things that are often never seen or overlooked.

Sonya studied Advertising Art in Winnipeg and began her career as a graphic artist in 1991. Over the years, naturally, her focus turned to painting. She currently paints in acrylic on plaster incorporating found objects and discarded mediums such as sawdust.